Jody Washburn

1 Sermon

Jody Washburn, originally from Southern Oregon, has "come home" in a sense by moving back to the Pacific Northwest to serve as an Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Walla Walla University. She earned a BA in Theology from WWC in 2005, and MA degrees in Old Testament and Religious Education from Andrews University in 2010. Jody, along with her husband Chad and daughter Danielle, moved most recently from Lancaster, CA, where Chad served as a pastor the last several years. During their time in Lancaster, Jody completed her PhD at UCLA in Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Cultures.

She loves studying Scripture in its ancient context and showing students how the language and cultural context of Ancient Israel Hebrew language, Biblical Archeology and Hebrew Prophets. She is also currently working toward the publication of her dissertation, which focused on Hebrew inscriptions found in two Iron Age burial caves in Israel.

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